World Teacher Day

World Teacher Day
Posted on 10/26/2017
Teacher Day

October 6, 2017 was World Teacher Day. To celebrate we asked some of our teachers what they loved about teaching. 

Mrs. Stevens teaches first grade at Staley. When asked why she loves teaching, Mrs. Stevens said "the kids are my favorite part, they always put a smile on your face. They know when you are having a good day or a bad day, and when it's a bad day they are sure to give you a hug, or 2, or 12." 

The first grade teacher has always known teaching was what she wanted to do with her life. “Teaching is a
ll I have wanted to do since I was 2 years old, at least that’s what my mother tells me" said Mrs. Stevens. 

Mrs. Stevens was inspired by her past teachers and learned from them. She still remembers to this day her 5th grade teacher, because of what a phenomenal job she did, she utilizes her styles of teaching in her own classroom today. She says her role models- like her 5th grade teacher, don’t even know what they have done for her and she hopes to have that kind of impact on her students.


Ms. Hayes is a 2nd grade teacher at Staley. 
When asked why she loves teaching, Ms. Hayes said:

"I have a passion for reading, writing and learning so I love to be able to help students with that because I have such a passion for it.” Ms. Hayes says she loves seeing how much her students grow within a school year. “It is inspiring to help and watch them grow academically and as a person.”

 Ms. Hayes wants her students to be happy, creative and enjoy school and she tries to create an environment to promote that.

Teacher Ms.Hayes

Mr. Downs is a 6th grade teacher at Staley. Mr. Downs loves being a teacher because teachers have the unique opportunity to make a positive difference not only in class, but in the community.

 “I have taught hundreds of kids over the past 14 years, you’d like to think you’re making a difference” said Mr. Downs.
The 6th grade teacher sees the middle grades like 6, 7 and 8 as pivotal times to help influence students towards a positive track as they prepare to enter the high school.

Teacher Mr.Downs

Mrs. Ingmire is a Kindergarten teacher at Gansevoort. She got into teaching because deep inside she has always loved being around children. When asked why she loves teaching Mrs. Ingmire said “I love providing a safe environment for the children, seeing them every day and being a part of their developing lives. I think that’s the most satisfying, is watching how they grow and the kind of kids they become throughout the rest of Elementary school. And I love all the hugs!”

Teacher Mrs.Ingmire

Mrs.Wilcox is an AIS math teacher at Gansevoort when asked why she loves teaching she said:

“It is my 22nd year teaching and I absolutely love teaching because of the kids. Their smiles, when they start to get something and their faces light up. Every day is different, I feel good being around them. I teach AIS math here and I have a small group so just working with them and finding what they ne
ed help with and being able to make that light come on and them to finally get it- it’s the best feeling. When kids tell me they like math or they like school, it makes me feel like I’m doing a good job. Just today a little girl said to me, she’s a fourth grader, she said “You know, you’re gonna make me like math this year Mrs. Wilcox, I think I’m going to do good in it!” I love coming here every day and I feel like I have the best job in the world. I love working in Rome this is where I grew up. The kids teach me, I learn from them. They’re wonderful little people.”

Teacher Mrs.Wilcox

Mrs. Corr and Mr. Scerra are 4th grade teachers at Gansevoort. 

They work across the hall from eachother. Mrs. Corr said-

“I’ve been teaching for 22 years at Gansevoort. I enjoy working with my colleagues,
 Mr. Scerra and I do a lot of fun projects together and we enjoy the kids and making a difference.”

When asked why he loves teaching, Mr Scerra said-

 “I’ve been teaching for 12 years and what I love about it is yes, I love the people
 that I work with and hopefully making a difference with kids every day, it’s more fun working
 with kids than it is working with adults!”

Teachers Mrs.Corr and Mr.Scerra

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