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Sheila Spencer
Ridge Mills School first opened its doors in 1957. The school was completely renovated during the 2010 – 2011 school year. The project included freshly updated classrooms, a new cafeteria and stage area, a brand new playground and state of the art technology throughout the building. The school is located in the northern part of Rome and enjoys a large school yard complete with a walking trail and basketball courts.

The school has approximately 250 K-4 students. Ridge Mills is a tightly knit school community with strong parent involvement. The PTG and staff work together to provide students with family and school events that address community service, education, character, school spirit and sometimes just good times together.  Parents and community members share their time and talents with students which has strengthened and broadened their educational experience.  Parents volunteer to coach both girls and boys’ basketball teams for third and fourth grade students. This provides children with an opportunity to learn a sport and experience playing on a team.

Ridge Mills began their autistic inclusion program in 1990 and still considers it an enriching feature of the school that benefits all students. The school is lucky to have two volunteers from the Mohawk Valley Grandparent program to work with teachers and students in the classroom.

The Ridge Mills staff is committed to implementing the Common Core Learning Standards. Educators have participated in hours of professional development to be prepared to offer our students a rigorous curriculum that will enable all of them to reach their potential. Most importantly, we are committed to providing a safe and pleasant school climate where every child’s academic, social and emotional needs can be met.

Sincerely, Sheila Spencer

Mission & Vision Statement





VISION:  Ridge Mills students, parents and staff will be the best they can be by working hard, learning a lot and most importantly, being good to each other.


MISSION:  Ridge Mills is dedicated to cultivating the academic, social, and emotional potential of each student.  We at Ridge Mills foster a learning community where students, staff, and parents participate in being the best they can be.  Instruction is driven by the rigor of the Common Core State Standards and meaningful data.  Our vision will enable our school to achieve an annual increase of 8% in reading and math as measured by AIMS Web screening.


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