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Welcome to an exciting and most rewarding time of your life… the Middle School experience. 

The faculty and staff at Strough Middle School are committed to providing a comprehensive and caring program of instruction to each and every pupil, through the process of active participation in both the academic and extra curriculum programs available at the middle school level. The mission of the RomeCitySchool District…“to nurture, challenge and inspire each learner” is developed through a team teaching approach at Strough Middle School. The teachers are prepared and ready to assist you with the essential materials, advice and knowledge important for success.

As in any aspect of life, sound decision-making is crucial. Choices are available, and we hope to provide you with the skills needed to aid you with making the right choice(s), to ensure your success for the 2015-2016 school year. 

As such, we strongly encourage you to be actively involved in your children’s education. Visit classes and develop working relationships with your children’s teachers. Help your children with their homework and show an interest in their schoolwork and thoughts. A partnership among students, their parents, and their schools is the surest way for children to develop up to their potential.

Best wishes for the 2015-2016 school year. We appreciate the opportunity to educate your children in the Rome Public Schools.  


Mr. O’Rourke, Principal

Mrs. Ball,  Assistant Principal

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