Questions and Answers

Q -For the grades requiring a physical exam, (ie. Kindergarten., 2nd and 4th), is there a deadline for turning in my child's physical exam to the school nurse?

A  Yes--When you indicate on the emergency contact card that you are going to have your child's physical done by your doctor, it states that if the report isn't turned in within 30 days, your child will automatically be included in the school physicals. However, the 30 days can be extended if you call or send a note indicating the date that your child has an appointment.
Q   How can one obtain their child's 1st Polio shot to gain access to parent portal?
A  Your child's 1st Polio shot is available in the nurse's office. Immunization records can be sent home or your child may obtain a copy from our office. We are unable to give that information out over the phone due to the HIPAA laws.
Q   How can my child receive working papers?
A  At RFA working papers are generated in the nurse's office. Students are eligible for free of charge physicals at Rome Medical Group. Once the proper paperwork is completed one of the nurses can call and schedule an appointment. Appointments must be kept and transportation is not provided.
Q  Does my child need a gym note from a doctor?
A  YES! Grades 9-12 require a physician's written statement to be excused from gym. Students also need a date from the physician as to when they may return to gym.
Q  Can my child bring cough drops to school?
A  I treat these as an over the counter medicine and explain to a parent that a doctor's order is necessary. I think other nurses may allow. I feel the choking hazard sucking on a hard object is not worth the medicinal benefit. I give the children a lollipop if they have a tickle and need some help.
Q Did you give my child a fever reducer medication parents often ask when they come to pick up their student with a fever?
A NO, I cannot give ANY medication without a doctor's order.

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