Medicaid Relevant Employee Training

Required Medicaid Training for the School/Preschool Health
Supportive Services (SSHS) Program Participants
As a result of the federal audits and subsequent audit settlement, New York State (NYS) entered into a Compliance Agreement with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Part of the agreement requires that NYS conduct annual mandatory training sessions for all Medicaid-in-Education relevant employees of local school districts, counties, §4201 schools as well as independent contractors that bill Medicaid (directly or indirectly) under the School Supportive Health Services Program (SSHS). The training includes a discussion of the contents of the NYS Compliance Agreement, written compliance policies and a briefing on changes in federal and/or state laws, regulations, policies and procedures.

Relevant Employees

The term “relevant employee” is interpreted to include any person in the school district, county and §4201 school who, in some way, is involved with the Medicaid-in-Education program in New York State. These “relevant employees” can include, but are not limited, to
Teachers of the Speech and Hearing Handicapped

Teachers of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities

Licensed Speech/Language Pathologists

Licensed Psychologists

Licensed Psychiatrists

Licensed Clinical Social Workers

Licensed Masters Social Workers

Licensed Practical Nurses

Registered Nurses

Licensed Nurse Practitioners

Special Transportation Coordinators

Medicaid Billing Clerks

School Business Officials

Special Education Directors

Licensed Physical Therapists

Physical Therapy Assistants

Licensed Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapy Assistants

Licensed and Registered Physicians

Registered Physician Assistants

Licensed and Registered Specialist Physicians

Licensed and Registered Audiologists

Compliance Officers

Required Attendees

Every relevant employee requires training. While all relevant employees are

encouraged to attend this initial phase of mandatory training, at least one employee from each group of relevant employees (listed below) of a local school district, county or §4201 school must attend the mandatory training when offered by their supporting Regional Information Center (RIC) in the next few months:

• School Business Officials or County Fiscal Designes who oversee the

  Medicaid claiming process

• Special Education Directors

• Medicaid Billing Clerks

The mandatory Medicaid trainings will be organized by each RIC and conducted by the NYS Education Department (SED) and the NYS Department of Health (DOH). An online training program will be developed for those relevant employees not able to attend the trainings in person. SED may decide to pend Medicaid claims if a school district, county or §4201 school is not trained, a substantial portion of the relevant employees of a school district, county or §4201 school are not trained or a substantial portion of a subgroup of the relevant employees of a school district, county or §4201 school are not trained. 

IMPORTANT: Each relevant employee attending a training session must show photo identification upon signing in to the training class and must attend the full training session. Those without photo identification may not be admitted to the training class. Please be prompt. Those arriving late may not be admitted to the training class.

New York State will be providing this training to relevant employees annually. Each year, your local RIC will schedule these sessions for their component school districts, counties and §4201schools. SED is required to create and maintain a database of all relevant employees and report the results of the training sessions to the NYS Compliance Officer annually.

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