Bellamy 4th Grade Class Transforms Into Cafe 148

Bellamy 4th Grade Class Transforms Into Cafe 148
Posted on 11/23/2018
Cafe 148

Mrs. Reid and Miss. Fazio’s fourth grade class at Bellamy transformed their classroom into a café to set the stage to engage with their students. Mrs. Reid and Miss. Fazio didn’t tell the students about the special day ahead of time, so when they walked into their classroom and saw a sign welcoming them to “Café 148” and utensils hanging from the ceiling they were both surprised and excited!

The whole day was dedicated to incorporating the café theme into their regular subjects making it a day full of hands-on learning.

9:10-9:30 Make chef hats

9:30-9:50 Prepare recipe

9:50-10:50 Math Centers (convert recipes, ordering from a menu, menu critical thinking, measuring/weighing ingredients)

10:55-11:20 Writing - Opinion (Write a newspaper article explaining what the best restaurant in the city is and why).

11:20-11:45 Shared Reading - Read recipe and highlight transition words

11:45-12:20 Lunch/Recess

12:20-1:00 Review of energy, which forms do you observe when following a recipe?

1:00-1:40 Gym

1:45-2:45 Book Tasting

2:45 Eat snack that was prepared at beginning of day 

The recipe they created was apple crisp in the crockpot. After crafting their custom chef hats from scratch, students used their math skills to figure out how to triple the recipe so they could feed their large classroom. Students wrote articles about their favorite restaurants, read and highlighted transition words, and even included a science lesson about energy and the forms you observe when following a recipe. They ended the day by eating the delicious apple crisp they made together. This day is sure to be one to remember along with all the lessons learned. 

cafe 148cafe 148cafe 148cafe 148cafe 148cafe 148cafe 148

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