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Sec 3 Champs
Coach R

Varsity Coach

Bryan Rondeau

2023-2024 will be my 6th season coaching the Rome CSD Girls' Bowling team. I have a genuine commitment to play a positive role in the students' development, both as athletes and as individuals. The team's success on the lanes is only part of the story. Through my teachings, I try to not only shape competitive bowlers, but also confident, principled, and successful young adults who are ready to excel in all aspects of life. I have enjoyed teaching these young athletes the skills that I, myself, have learned over the years. To see someone learn a skill, become better at it, and then be successful on the lanes during a practice, match or tournament, is something special and fulfilling to me. Even more so, to see a young 7th or 8th grader grow up, mature, become a leader, and then graduate, has to be the most gratifying part for me as a coach.

Each season we continue to follow a philosophy that is built on discipline, team work, and life skills. Setting new goals and executing them is the focus that results in the team's impressive wins. Every season starts with hard work and dedication and ends with better teammates and leaders, and sometimes even league and state championships!

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