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Ty Knamm
Modified Boys Wrestling Coach
Robert Romeo
Asst Varsity Boys Wrestling
James Redpath
Boys Varsity Wrestling
Patrick Herron
Boys Varsity Volleyball
Tessa Zmudosky
Mod Girls Volleyball
Kayla Smith
Mod Girls Volleyball
Pete Keoviengsamay
Girls Varsity Volleyball
Sal Carollo
Boys Modified Swim
Jim Ray
Boys Asst Varsity Swimming
Michelle Browne
Boys Varsity Swimming
Billie Mays
Head Varsity Boys Indoor Track
Ted Swavely
Asst Varsity Girls & Boys Indoor Track Coach
Diane Stevenson
Asst Varsity Girls Track Coach
Nick Jeror
Girls Varsity Girls /Asst Varsity Boys Indoor Track
David Petrelli
Boys Asst Varsity Ice Hockey
Jason Nowicki
Boys Varsity Ice Hockey
Kim Luczak
Varisty Cheer
Dave Nimmo
Boys Varsity Bowling
Bryan Rondeau
Varsity Girls Bowling
Ryan McAndrews
Modified Boys Asst Basketball Coach