Disney's High School Musical Performance Outstanding!

Bravo to Denti Elementary students who participated in Disney's High School Musical on March 23-24th. The 4-6th grade cast, who have been rehearsing since January, performed at Strough Middle School. Many individuals help to make the production a success, including the cast, ensemble, stage crew, set design crew, and the many parent and staff volunteers who work on the production.

Special thanks to Music Director, Producer and Choreographer, Sarah Anderson; Director, Nicole Cary and Assistant Director and Choreographer Patrick Anderson; Barbara Vacca, Ellie Vacca, Paris Freeman, Taylor Yerrick, Jessica Hart, Tara Karas and Jim Wilburn.


Ryan Bush as Troy Bolton
Elayna Koor as Gabriella Montez
Jacob Vanderhoof as Chad Danforth
Lily Riolo as Taylor McKessie
Alexis Pape as Sharpay Evans
Logan Edick as Ryan Evans
Logan Delano as Jack Scott
Emmalise Hunley as Kelsi Neilson
Alora Woodlan as Ms. Darbus
Emmett Newton as Coach Bolton
Jason Tucker as Zeke Baylor
Annika Coriale as Martha Cox
Ashton Lewthwaite as Ripper
Mason Fox as Jason
Richard Meier as James
Estelle Previte as Susan
Adeena Adnan as Cathy
Ryla Kent as Cyndra
Lorenzo Rizzo as Kratnoff
Dylan Pietrowski as Mongo
Claire Hecox-Larribee as Ms. Tenny
Grace Knopka as Moderator
Raynee Butters as Drum Major

The ensemble includes: Jayna Blanchard, Leia Benko, Anthony Cowling, Peyton Crill, Alexandra Drake, Dominic DiPaolo, Skyla DelValle, Braylee Endel, Clairese Frankey, Rihanna Henderson, Averie Larsen, Nicadema Logan, Laurens Lopez-Cante, Ally Poole, Lucas Parker, Ruthie Previte, Brianna Rothrock, Evelyn Roux, Brianna Storms, Elianna Sanchez, Karli Sims, Kathryn Sims, Madalyn Selva, Marley Seymour, and Mariah Tebbetts.

The stage crew & set design crew include: Cameron Adams, Henry Colmey, Kylie Cullop, Nathon Cullop, Elizabeth Dietrich, Hayley Farr, Jessica Hart, Rachel Horowitz, Trenee Kirk, Steven Light, Morgan Pecord, Priscilla Previte, Julian Reynolds, RubyRae Rivera, Grace Sabia, Olivia Seaton, Kayedyn Secor, Emma Smaldon, Nora Swan, Adrianne Thomas, Matthew Vescio, Delilah White, and Ava Wright.