Rome Free Academy is offering an in-person, After School Program, from 2:10 - 3:10 in the library every day, Monday through Thursday. Students are encouraged to participate in the After School Program to take advantage of face-to-face tutoring, as well as Edmentum and APEX credit recovery support.

Services offered:

1. Edmentum: Credit Recovery

2. APEX: Marking period Grade Recovery

3. Tutoring for students who voluntarily participate

4. Out-of-school suspended students 9-12

Location and times:

1. Rome Free Academy Library

2. 2:10-3:10 for voluntary tutoring / 2:15-4:30 for OSS students

3. Students picked up for home transport in the bus loop at 3:15 (tutoring) / 4:30 (OSS)

4. Monday-Thursday

Tutors available:

1. Coordinator: B. Buchanan (R. Wood)

2. LOTE: C. Bauer, M. Neverusky-Brindeau

3. English: P. Come

4. Social Studies: D. Dunn, M. Lacey

5. Math: T. Fanning, B. Kent

6. Science: E. Rotenberry, R. Wood

7. Physical Education: R. Zappavigna

8. Support Services: A. Fanelli

Process for RFA OSS Students:

1. Assistant Principal communicates to parents of the OSS and the offering for tutoring

2. Assistant Principal’s secretary will communicate this information to the guidance counselor, B. Buchanan and the student's teachers.

3. Guidance secretary will collect student work and relay this information to B. Buchanan

4. B. Buchanan will collect completed student work from students, return to the teacher through their mailbox and return incomplete work to the collection bin in the guidance office.

5. If a student does not have transportation, they can participate virtually, set up through B. Buchanan, to complete assigned work through the Google Classroom link.