February 15 declared National School Resource Officer Appreciation Day

The Rome City School District is very fortunate to have School Resource Officers (SRO) and School Security Officers (SSO) in the District. They are responsible for bridging gaps between youth and law enforcement and are caring and understanding professionals working in all of our buildings. In addition, they are valuable and essential members of the education community who deserve unwavering respect and support from the public in the pursuit of keeping schools and students safe.

“SRO’s and SSO’s work with our students every day and have created a positive relationship with them, where they feel comfortable contacting them with any situation they are dealing with,” said Paul Yanik, security officer.

Thank you our School Resource Officer's (SRO) and School Security Officer's (SSO) in the Rome City School District:   

Sgt. Scott Hoag-Juvenile aide Officer (Rome Police)

Brian Gualtieri-SRO at RFA (Rome Police)

Ryan Crever-SRO at RFA (Rome Police)

Mark Fanfarillo-SRO at Strough (Rome Police)

A.J. Ciccone-SSO District wide (Ret. Rome Police)

Merino Ciccone-SSO District (Ret. Rome Police)

Donald D'Aiuto-SSO District wide (Ret. Rome Police)

Jay DiMaggio-SSO District wide (Ret. Rome Police)

Dale Griffith-SSO District wide (Ret. Rome Police)

Stewart Rood-SSO District wide (Ret. Rome Police)

Tom Smith-SSO District wide (Ret. Rome Police)