National School Social Worker Week - March 5-10, 2023

This week marks National School Social Worker week throughout our country. The first full week of March has been dedicated to school social workers through the efforts of the School Social Work Association of America (SSWAA). The week is an opportunity for schools, communities, and partners to acknowledge and recognize the impactful work that our social workers do to support students, families, and their communities. This week-long celebration should emphasize school social work contributions such as focusing on the “whole child”, linking families to community resources, being a valuable voice as part of the school’s multi-disciplinary team, and advocating for the profession of school social work. 

The theme for National School Social Work Week 2023 is “We Rise.” During the school year, school social workers are confronted with challenges, heightened anxieties, and anticipated difficulties. However, these individuals face these challenges with strength and resilience. Our team of social workers rise up to support their students, families, and school communities. School social workers rise to share hope. They rise to listen and understand. They rise to challenge inequities. They rise to support all students. Each and every one of them is a vital part of our district's and community's mental health support process and team. Given everything that our students, families, and staff have been through in recent years, there is no shortage of need for the work that these folks perform each and every week. This week, take a moment to rise up with them and thank them for everything that they are doing to help our school community. #WeRise2023 #SSWWeek2023 

RCSD Social workers:

Courtney Spado and Deanna Butera Rome Free Academy

Shannon Colwell Strough Middle School 

Emily Vivyan  Bellamy Elementary  

Ajeta Hozanovic Denti Elementary   

  JoAnn Wolcott  Gansevoort Elementary 

  Meghan Longo   John E. Joy Elementary   

  Alicia Jewell Stokes Elementary