Daily Cell Phone Expectations for RFA 2022-2023

Daily Cell Phone Expectations for RFA 2022-2023

Cell phones are to be turned off and put away as students enter any and all academic classrooms at RFA.  Any exceptions are listed below with a purpose as to why this will be the standard rule at RFA.


Purpose: The RFA cell phone procedure is to prevent/minimize any forms of distractibility to the instructional lesson provided by the teacher. The cell phone procedure is not designed to disconnect students from their personal/social life, it is to provide the best opportunity for student’s academic success. It has been well documented that the number one distractor in a classroom setting is a student’s impulsivity to use their cell phone. We would appreciate any and all parent support in teaching students the importance of academic focus of all academic courses while at RFA.

If there is an emergency or you have an immediate need to reach your child, please contact any of the following offices and we will have immediate access to your child. This procedure allows us to understand the situation and provide support as needed. 

Teachers at RFA can give students permission to access their phones for academic purposes only at any time they deem necessary. 



Mary Delaney (AP office): 315-334-7204

Kelly DeCarolis (AP office): 315-334-7224

Amber Presky (Main office): 315-334-7202

Joanne Polivka (Main office): 315-334-7203

Nurse’s office: 315-334-7225


Cell Phone Expectations

●      If a student forgets their Chromebook, a cell phone is NOT an option. A loaner Chromebook can be provided by the RFA technology supervisor, Mrs. Voci, in room 1203.

●      There will be no charging of cell phones during class time in any class for any reason which includes, PE, Music, Art, Tech and Business and ISS.  Cell phone charging can be done during study halls, GEAR UP, and the cafeteria.

●      Cell phones will be given to the ISD supervisor, immediately upon entering, to be put in an envelope for the duration of the time the student is in ISD and be returned when they leave.


●      Cell phones are not to be used at any point to harass, cyberbully, make threats, defame, any student or staff at RFA.

●      Any videoing/taking pictures of any staff/student without their consent, or any videoing or sharing/distribution of an altercation will result in an automatic out of school suspension

Incremental Chart for Student Consequences for Unauthorized Use:


1st offense

Teacher warning

2nd offense

Loss for 1 period

3rd offense

1 lunch detention/no phone

4th offense

2 lunch detentions/no phone

5th offense

½ day of ISS

6th offense

Full day of ISS

7th offense

Full day of OSS


If at any time any student refuses to follow any of the accountability measures at RFA for cell phone usage or to put their cell phone away as requested, it is considered to be an act of defiance, which is against the RCSD Code of Conduct (A26) and will result in an OSS. When cellphones are being used by students, ALL RCSD Code of Conduct rules apply.