Carl Manganaro

Carl Manganaro – Wednesday Worker of the Week – 10.19.22

Carl was instrumental in getting the RFA Knightly News broadcast off the ground, including the filming and editing of the weekly show that the RFA students produce. He set up the live streaming for RFA graduation for the past 8 years. Carl has also worked with the schools to showcase digital signage on all the TVs throughout the schools. Carl has also trained the teachers, helping them using technology.

Carl Manganaro , Computer Integration Specialist - MORIC (Rome FTE .6)

How long have you worked in the MORIC/RCSD?

I have worked for the Rome District through the (Mohawk Regional Information Center) MORIC for 11 years. I was a History teacher for 20 years prior to that at RCH and Richfield Springs.


What do you like most about your job?

The creativity of it. I enjoy making videos that make people smile and make them proud of Rome. I loved putting together the new website because it allowed me to be creative. I was able to add a Sports website and one for Music and Arts which has been a big hit. My biggest accomplishment in Rome has been the RFA Knightly News in which I get to be creative and work with some amazing students. We have interviewed Rome staff members and famous Rome alumni and our students always do a very professional job. I also love coaching and have been doing that for over 30 years.


What inspires you?

My wife Theresa, who still amazes me on how great of a teacher she is and how she inspires her students to be their best.  Also, my 3 children, Trey, Ty and Thressa.


What is a fun fact about you?

You would think the fun fact might be about how I can say every line from Shawshank, My Cousin Vinny, or Tombstone or that I am a huge Bills, Yankees, Sabres, and SU fan. But for me, it is that I am a big fan of General Hospital and love Christmas Hallmark Movies (because who wouldn't want to marry a Prince/Princess or an ex from the old days on Christmas Eve).