Respectful Strough Knights

The Strough Middle School PBIS team held an assembly on November 3 to honor 18 students who represent a BRAVE Knight. “The month of October we are honoring students that have shown their teams that they are respectful,” said Principal Tracy O’Rourke. 

Strough students honored:

Emerald Team:  RJ Carolla  and Brooke Parry

Indigo Team: Shaymarie Rivera Garcia and Anna Maurer 

Purple Team: Andrew Zdziebko and Julianna Stagner 

Teal Team: Jayden Tebo and Jack Jennings (not pictured) 

Copper Team: Shania Westcott and Anna Marie Suarez 

Red Team: Kage Sanfilippo and Hannah Purrington 

Royal Blue Team: Danielray Gierbolini Jr. and Kendra Hoyt 

Yellow Team: Justin McBee and Christian Plunkett   

Pink Team: LeLand Burlingame and Destiny Rivera.