​Field Trip to Price Chopper Teaches Gansevoort Students About Community and Giving Back

Gansevoort second graders took a field trip to Price Chopper (Market 32) on November 30th

The students are learning about community resources, learning about money, and what types of healthy foods are available at the store. As part of Giving Tuesday, they have been collecting spare change in class to count and purchase canned goods from the store to be donated to a local food pantry or program. 

“Our class collected (with the help of parents) $139 in coins! Each student purchased their own canned food and then donated it. The rest of the change we donated to the Salvation Army! Market 32 did an amazing job with this, and every staff person was super friendly and organized,” said Laurie Jones.   

The kids all got a flower to take home and student Christopher Oliver wanted Mrs. Feeney to take his picture and send it to me because he wanted to give his flower to me so I would feel better.  [Teacher, Laurie Jones was out sick the day of the field trip].