Michael Flagg – Staff Spotlight for 1.4.23

Michael Flagg, Ridge Mills Elementary School Principal 

How long have you worked in the RCSD?

This is my 7th year 

What do you like most about your job?
The best part of working at Ridge Mills and in Rome is begin surrounded by some amazing people. The kids, families, and community are wonderful and make each day fun and exciting. The team of professionals here is second to none and no matter what, they work hard, work together, and aim to do what is best for kids. We have such high-quality educators and staff because they are truly people with good hearts that see the value in every child and in each other. 

What inspires you?
I am most inspired by my family. My kids, Will and Jake, have helped me to really understand just how important what we do as educators is. Seeing them learn and grow is amazing and I always think about them when I make decisions and work with students. I love being a principal, but being a dad is my favorite job. 

What is a fun fact about you?
I am absolutely and unequivocally the biggest Buffalo Bills fan in the world. I love them! I love how hard they work and play, but I REALLY love how they are a committed family. With everything happening with Damar Hamlin, I love that they also know when it is time to put football aside and focus on what is most important, taking care of each other. 

“Warm, friendly, knowledgeable and personable! My husband and I had an incredibly warm and positive interaction with Mr. Flagg at our daughter’s kindergarten screening. Absolutely the type of administrator/educator who should be representing our district. Honored that he is our daughter’s principal. He left a wonderful impression on her and on us," said Andrea Rafferty who nominated Mr. Flagg for Staff Spotlight.