RFA School Bus

Here is the link from the RCSD Transportation Department.  This link is for RFA and Strough as the elementary bus routes will be posted soon.   RFA/Strough Bus Routes

Here is a message from our Transportation Supervisor:

We hope you are enjoying your summer vacation, but as the days fly by we will soon be starting a new school year. We have started to set up our school bus routes. With this in mind we would like to remind you of some important information we need to provide busing.  

If you have moved – Please contact our Registrar’s office with your new address, changes cannot be made by the Transportation Department, they must be made at District Office:

Roxanne Whipple – 315-338-6569  

If you have a new phone number or email address we will need to update our records:

Roxanne Whipple  – 315-338-6569  

If you require transportation from a different address – Daycare – Family care provider, you will need to file a Daycare request form by August 23, 2022  

If you are not planning on using the bus service – Please file a Cancel Bus Service notice.  

Note:  Elementary Buildings  

Transportation to a non-licensed day care / family care provider outside the enrollment area is not allowed per District Policy.  

In many cases the parent will choose to notify the teacher or the TA, they in turn notify the driver. This is not the process for changes, they still need to be approved.

Many times the student will give the bus driver a note and the school is not aware of a change.

A note signed by the parent and approved by the school is the proper procedure and a legal request. Please note there is no guarantee that the alternate transportation will be approved. It will only be approved if there is room on the bus route requested.  

Special needs student changes follow a similar process but have a few more rules.  

Also, coming in the next few weeks will be two downloadable apps to help you find your students bus schedules. One is FirstView, the other is Stopfinder. These will have instructions on how to download them and walk you through setting them up. We will post them again on Parent square.

Day Care Transportation Form 

Cancel Bus Request

Thank You, Enjoy the rest of your summer!