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The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is here for you

* The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is staffed by experienced counseling professionals.

* The EAP offers assistance to employees and their family members who are struggling with issues that may affect their personal lives or job performance.

* Any concern this is causing difficulties in an employee's personal life or work is appropriate for the EAP. Recent reasons for referral have included: alcohol and/or drug use and abuse, marital concerns, family conflicts, financial difficulties, aging parent concerns, problem gambling, eating issues, co worker conflicts, grief and emotional concerns such as stress, anxiety and depression.

*There is no cost to individuals for any services provided directly by the EAP. At times, a referral to an outside resource is necessary. In these cases, the individual is responsible for the cost of those services. Insurance coverage and ability to pay will always be considered when an outside referral is made.

*Confidentiality is paramount to the EAP and is maintained to the fullest degree provided by law. Involvement with the program is not disclosed to the district or anyone else without the participant’s written request and consent. However, absolute confidentiality does not apply to child abuse, court orders, or threats to the safety of yourself or others.

Services for individuals include: initial evaluation and assessment, treatment planning, short term counseling up to five sessions in most districts, referral assistance, follow up and wellness workshops and information.
Services for school buildings and the district as a whole include: customized wellness workshops, an informational newsletter, monthly wellness updates and an informative website, www.eap.ocmboces.org

Our website includes general information regarding the EAP, a new employee orientation PowerPoint that employees can review at their convenience, schedules of upcoming training opportunities and recommended web links, reading resources on a variety of topics and self test websites. If you have not already done so, please check out our website.

Call either of the phone numbers listed below to speak with an EAP Coordinator to schedule an appointment, to arrange for a phone consultation, or to discuss training opportunities and information available to you.

Thank you for your time and interest,

Your Employee Assistance Program Coordinators